Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Septuagint Is The Only True Bible

Welcome to my new blog about the Septuagint which is the word of God.

The Septuagint - the Bible Jesus Christ used - was translated from a set of Hebrew texts that are centuries earlier than the Hebrew text underlying most Old Testaments today.

The Septuagint is in fact the only true Bible we possess today.

The Bible was translated into Greek from Hebrew three centuries before Christ.

The result - The Septuagint - is the word of the Father, the Bible, which is the eternal word of God.

Jesus Christ, Who is God's Son, and also both the Creator and Father, according to the Gospel of John 14:9 - used the Septuagint of course.

The New Testament is not a continuation of the Bible, but a comment based on the Septuagint Bible.

The New Testament was originally written in Latin, by for the main part the Roman and Apostle Paul, who never met Jesus Christ himself.

Paul was a Benjaminite and not a Jew, and many of his teachings are errors which contradict the Septuagint Bible.

Christ's Apostle Peter was the first Patriarch of Antioch and became the first Patriarch of Rome 10 years later.

The Apostle Peter admired the Romans and also taught many things contradictory to the word of God - the Greek Septuagint.

In the Greek Old Testament we have 50 books, which include the four books of Maccabees.

Both the Old and the New Testament are preserved in the Greek language.

The present Hebrew Old Testament has nothing to do with the original and is only there as a witness of modern Jewish denial of Jesus Christ.

The New Testament is in many ways an evil and antisemitic document.

The New Testament is good to read because it bears witness of Jesus Christ, but it should not be regarded as Holy, but as a book which like the Talmud and the Koran should be respected, but which in no way replaces the true word of God only found in the Greek Septuagint.

The Septuagint Bible is in fact the only book which is God's true Word to us men and which we should follow.

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