Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wolfgang Schäuble: Greece has "No Alternative" To Austerity

Via the EUobserver:

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble on Monday (14 January) urged Greek opposition leader Alexis Tsipras to drop his opposition to bailout-linked austerity measures, saying there is "no alternative" if Greece wants to stay in the eurozone.

But there is an alternative for Greece.

It's time for Greece to drop the New Testament and to declare it will follow the Old Testament Septuagint, which is God's eternal law and blessed message to mankind.

The New Testament has probably done more damage to mankind than the Koran and Mein Kampf together.

The New Testament is only correct on one point - Jesus is the Christ, the Lord God.

The markets have showed they have no lasting solutions to any of our modern problems.

The euro will fail, and so will the dollar.

Unity is in fact more important than democracy.

Technological advancement is likewise more important than decentralization.

The Greek people is unfortunately today a suicidal people and committed to drugs.

Greece is in other words fucked!

It was already in old days like Egypt, the house of slavery.

Today the situation is worse in Greece, but there is a way out.

By throwing out the financial markets, which neither can offer any lasting solutions for difficult times nor for the future, the power will be brought back to the people.

It's time for great nationalizations in Greece, and then the rest of Europe and the world will follow.

Socialism should be combined with private enterprises to a lesser extent.

It's now time for Europe to put important social infrastructures like hospitals, schools, communications, and relevant economical infrastructures under state control.

Otherwise future generations will have no access to medical care, education, or happy lives.

The time of private hospitals, schools, railroads, aircraft companies, banks, telephone companies etc. in Europe is over.

But we can thank the European Union for once and for all having demonstrated that the final result of a free market economy always will end up in a total and disastrous failure.

Because we never can nor should stop internationalization, fascism offers no solution.

Socialism as manifested by Josef Stalin and the elite system is one way which offer political stability for Europe, but it must be combined with and understood in the light of the Septuagint - the word of God - for creating a society which can survive thousands of years.

The Orthodox Church must mutate into a Levitical Priesthood with the five Patriarchates, and get rid of celibacy and other stupid New Testament teachings, which are in opposition to the Septuagint Greek eternal truth.

What must be desired is material welfare, education, and equality between genders and peoples.

We stand on the threshold of a new Europe under the true Spirit of our Lord God Jesus Christ as manifested in the Septuagint.

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